House of online yoga

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means connection. It starts from the connection one has with themselves and the connection between body and mind that ripples into other parts of life. Yoga offers many benefits. It reduces stress, relieves pain, improves breathing, boosts our immune system, makes our body stronger and more flexible, and brings inner peace. Especially now that we work from home more and more, it is important to stay in balance. Our yoga classes can help you achieve that.
Taking yoga classes has never been easier. We offer live online yoga classes. You can follow the lessons from home or another location that suits you. You can join the class directly from your laptop, tablet, phone and even on a TV with internet connection. We offer clear explanations that make our lessons easy to follow and we often also give several variations per pose, so that you can make the lessons as challenging as you want. You are always welcome to contact us after class in case you have any questions about the practice or yoga in general.
At House of Online Yoga we give 6 live online yoga classes per week, from Yin to Vinyasa flow. Check out our schedule to find out more.
Taking an online yoga class is an excellent way to engage in self-care that includes both physical, emotional and mental components. Below are a few tips to get the most out of your session:

  1. Arrange a nice spot with enough space around it. Many asanas (postures) involve contracting and stretching your muscles in order to become stronger and more flexible. Make sure to have enough space around your mat so that you can move freely.
  2. Make room in your agenda. It often works well to take a lesson at one (or more) fixed times a week. When yoga becomes a part of your weekly routine, you become more accustomed to it. It will then remain a priority for yours.
  3. Listen carefully to your body. Find out which style of yoga you like and which teacher appeals to you. Figure out what feels right and go with it.
  4. Invest in good equipment. A good yoga mat can help you enormously and a yoga block or bolster (for example in yin yoga) can be useful. If you would like more information about this, please let us know!