Meet the teachers



Hi, I'm Shimi, a certified yoga instructor based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

For me, practicing yoga is about awareness and acceptance. I believe that yoga helps quiet down the mind and when the head is less busy, we can start recognizing what the breath and the body are trying to tell us and start learning how to listen to ourselves in order to allow ourselves what we need.  

Most of all, I encourage you to be consistent with your practice. Practice makes better and you will feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice in your mind and body. Soon enough, you will recognize how learning who you are and taking care of yourself enables you to act as your best version more often. As a result, you may experience a significant change for you and your loved ones. Choose consistency over perfection! 

Now, curl up the right corner of your mouth, and the left - there we go :)    


My name is Joniek and I am a certified yoga instructor (internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance) and living in Utrecht. For me, yoga is about balance. Balance between body and mind. Yin and Yang. By regularly practicing yoga you get to know yourself (both body and mind) better and you also know that you are out of balance.

In my classes I follow the eightfold path of Patanjali as much as possible, which means that in addition to attention to the yoga postures (asanas), there will always be attention for meditation and breathing exercises.


I think it is important that you know that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, nationality, body type or experience.

Be welcome!